Physical Education

Physical Education is an essential aspect of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle and helps to build self esteem, confidence, cooperation and fitness. Regular, enjoyable physical activities are provided which allow children to acquire the skills necessary for participation in sport and leisure pursuits. Our experienced PE teacher seizes every opportunity for our students to be involved in a huge variety of sporting activities.The major facets are body control and spatial awareness, athletics, ball skills, gymnastics, major and minor games and swimming/water safety.

Students in our Senior School participate in friendly competition with district schools. Children with advanced skills have the opportunity to compete at higher levels.


Perceptual Motor Program

PMP is a program which takes young children through a carefully graded sequence of activities to develop strength, agility, co-ordination and spatial awareness. As with all physical education programs success has a great impact on other learning areas. PMP is a feature of our Prep program. The program is supervised by a teacher but parents are needed to assist.



We offer children access to a varied sporting program. Swimming, athletics, football, soccer, cross-country, softball, netball and volleyball are just some of the formal sports that are offered. Sporting activities help build links with parents, the local community and beyond. We encourage children and parents to take advantage of local sports competitions on the weekends. As with all our programs, we urge children to ‘have a go’. It’s great to win, but participation and sportsmanship are high priorities at Kunyung. A house system operates for major sporting events such as Athletics Sports, Swimming and Cross-Country. The house colours are – Blue, Green, Gold and Red.