Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts teacher’s passion for music, dance and drama is contagious. Children are swept up in her tide of enthusiasm and eagerly participate in all aspects of the program. Our students need little persuasion to join the lunch time rehearsals for the Kunyung Singers, Junior and Senior Dance Club and various Instrumental Bands. They are provided with many opportunities to perform; at assemblies, concerts, and within the local community.

A highlight of the program is a large scale, whole school musical production which is held every two years at a professional venue. The script is written, choreographed and directed by our Performing Arts teacher. Every other year we hold a Christmas concert where our students perform in an open air sound shell, overlooking beautiful Port Phillip Bay.

Performing Arts is an important part of a child’s overall development and is given high priority at Kunyung. We value imagination, creativity and original thinking. Students create, compose, perform, listen to and appreciate music. In dance and drama students creatively explore and express themselves learning about the technical aspects of performance and considering its role in society.

From these experiences the children are encouraged to continue their own musical interests.


Instrumental Music

Our students have the opportunity to attend private music tuition in keyboard and guitar. These take place on the school premises during school hours. For more information please contact the school office.