Language Other Than English - French

At our school, all students have the opportunity to learn more than one language. As a result, our students gain an appreciation and understanding of another language and culture. This enriches personal development and helps facilitate international mindedness.

In consultation with the Kunyung community, French was introduced as the preferred language, other than English.

French is the first language of our LOTE teacher and she is a native French speaker. She is also a qualified LOTE(French) teacher.

The students at Kunyung are encouraged to participate in French through speaking, listening, singing, writing, reading and using audio-visual resources. Students from Prep – year 6 are involved in weekly French lessons. The future provision of this program is secured as second language learning is a requisite of the IBO.

‘French Film Friday’ allows children, at various lunchtimes throughout the year, an opportunity to watch films in the native French language.