Student Leadership

Our Students have many opportunities to develop leadership qualities during their years at Kunyung, through Student Leadership Teams.

Organisation Team
The Organisation Team includes our School Captains and Vice Captains, who are elected by both Staff and their peers. Their responsibilities include: hosting assemblies on Friday mornings, assisting with school tours and representing the school on various occasions.

Sports Team
The Sports Team includes our House Captains and Vice House Captains, who are elected by their peers. They support the school’s sports program and organise lunchtime sporting activities for our students.

Media Team
The Media Team records and reports on school activities and events, including multi-media presentations at assembly.

Environment Team
The Environment Team includes the I Sea I Care representatives who apply for and are selected to this important position. Along with other members of the team, action plans, which focus on sustainability of the school environment and beyond, are implemented.

The Arts Team
The Arts Team support French, Performing Arts and Visual Arts programs and teachers. They assist with lunchtime programs such as Kunyung’s Got Talent, French themed days, and lunch time Visual Arts programs.

Students also have the opporutunity to take on the role of Peer Mediator.