Contact Parents

One of the most rewarding and important roles in our school, is that of the Class Contact Parent. Each class at Kunyung Primary School has a contact parent, or sometimes two parents sharing the role. Contact parents form a most important link in communication, ensuring that school programs and activities are well supported by parents.

What does a Contact Parent do?

Support the class teacher to organise parental assistance for the class – preparation of materials, adult help with individual children or groups, excursion or camp helpers, etc.

Liaise closely with the class teacher – directly, by phone, in writing or all three.

Provide a ‘first point of contact’ for new parents to the school. Invite them to morning tea, introduce them to other parents, help them to become acquainted with school procedures.

Liaise with the Canteen Manager and assist with the completion of the canteen parent helper roster for your designated weeks.

It is important to remember that a contact parent is not expected to do all the work, a contact parent organises parents from the class to assist where they can.

Past contact parents have commented about how much value they gained from the experience. They had a deep understanding of how the school operates and they developed many new friendships through their experience.